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Our team has the experience to gain maximum impact surrounding every technology and business Solution.  From Interim IT Leadership, software to hardware, from on-premise to cloud, as well as infrastructure our crew gets it done the only way we know how - THE RIGHT WAY!

About Us

Organizations are operated by People, and it all has to start from there.  They are your greatest assets, and also one of your greatest weaknesses. You don’t build a culture around Technology, but you do build it around People - they’re the biggest part about what makes your organization unique. Operating, hopefully without much fanfare, are your Processes and your Technology.  While Processes provide the guardrails for your People, it is the Technology that enables them to efficiently and effectively perform their tasks. Well designed Processes and well maintained Technology can accelerate your business to greater heights, and oppositely become an anchor when they’re out of date or behind the times. That’s why Xcelerated adopts a people first strategy and it’s what sets us apart. We first seek to understand your culture, industry, opportunities, and budget so that we can deliver solutions (not just technological) that can accelerate your business.

Xcelerated has a team and a network of business and technology experts. Like you, we bring with us a high level of business acumen and experience in our field that is designed to enable your business to perform optimally. We follow a Security First strategy that focuses on external threats and training your people to be part of the solution instead of the problem - it’s a foundation for saving time and money.

One simple truth about experience is that it drives confidence - and we’ve probably encountered your specific situation, managed it, and solved it. You can be equally confident that your business can rely on the professionals at Xcelerated.


Our Vision and Mission

Xcelerated was built on the premise that the simplest solutions are often the best.

Xcelerated was built on the premise that the simplest solutions are often the best.  We start with the fundamentals based on actually listening.  Our approach helps your business stay safe, become more productive, and increase profitability through the best use of technology. It starts with security and encompasses the full spectrum of technology to address your needs.  The Xcelerated team views your business holistically, not just technologically.

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