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Access Control

This service involves setting up and maintaining access control systems that allow authorized individuals to enter certain areas of a building. This can include keycard access, biometric scanning, or other types of authentication.

Xcelerated Access Control Service

Securing your business and controlling who enters the facility is the first step in security. We offer cloud based Access Control solutions that give you complete control of the facility in the palm of your hand.

Cloud Control

Add and delete users, unlock or lock doors, set an auto open/close schedule, and run reports all from your device.

Peace of mind

You never have to wonder if you locked that door, or if an employee left a door open. Simply use the app to confirm a door state or status.

Low Monthly Cost

Cloud control and storage requires a low cost monthly subscription. This subscription can be purchased on a yearly basis, rolled into the original installation cost, or build into a service contract.

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