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Wi-Fi Access Points

Xcelerated IT Strategies installs and configures cloud based Wi-Fi access points for both indoor and outdoor use. This includes site surveys, installation, and ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Xcelerated Wi-Fi Service

Cloud based solutions for your home or business. We offer indoor and outdoor access points as well as point to point bridges.

75% of Insider cyber attacks come from a disgruntled former employee. We provide reliable way to control whom to access your network.

Cloud Control

Manage users on your network, add or edit SSID and password, manage firmware,  and more from your device.

Wi-Fi Bridge

Share a network from one building to another without installing a cable between the buildings. Point to point bridges are perfect for outbuildings, construction sites, or large pieces of property with poor data service.

One time cost

You are simply taking the internet you already pay for and routing it through your own devices. No Subscription necessary for cloud features.

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